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"Excellent book! Covers all the necessary information needed to get started in the great sport of paddle boarding."

Francis Loziere


"This is a roudy historical novel. It has an insider's flavor. It is the story of the protester. It raises awareness of the problems with making logging profitable for business. There is empathy for those who live and work in Redwood territories. It is grimy, gritty, and sexy. There are the common instincts of greed, and lust, elevated by a love of the land and what is still sacred about the Earth and our relationships with those who care about it."



"I was pretty excited to find a book that covered both kayaking and stand up paddling since I recently started doing both sports. As a beginner I was hoping to get some good instruction on proper technique, equipment, safety, etc. from this book. I’m happy to say the book is as advertised. The author’s a good writer and explains things well. There’s tons of photos and they were very effective in supporting the text. So I definitely recommend it."

C. Romson


"What a charming story for any age. Beautiful writing and illustrations. A lovely gift especially for the cat lovers out there!!!"

Courtney Kidd

FIRST STROKES: Kayak Touring for Sit-on Top and Sit-Inside Kayaks


"I found this book invaluable in learning to kayak. It is very detailed and thorough, yet it's always clear. It's also written in a straightforward, accessible way and with a good sense of humor. The numerous photos are a great help..."

S. Church

Katherine Entwistle



"This book covers all of the bases. It provides an excellent guide to the important and interesting sites in and around Sausalito, as well as, a well written history of the city. It can be used if you are sightseeing from the shore or from a boat or kayak. There are other books written that describe the history or offer basic information about points of interest around Sausalito. This is the first I have found that offers both under one cover."

R. Miller



     Hello and thank you for taking a moment to read my author's biography. You'll find I've written a variety of books: non-fiction, historical fiction and fiction.

      There are three instructional books on Stand Up paddling and kayaking. My expertise in these areas comes from working for a Stand Up and kayak paddling center for over 24 years. Another non-fiction work is Sausalito History & Guide. This is a visitors guide to this incredible waterfront town in Northern California. All of the above mentioned books are loaded with photo-illustrations.

     On the other end of the spectrum is The Giants' Last Tear. This book is historical narrative fiction. It focuses on the repercussions of a junk bond backed takeover of a family run logging business in Northern California. This dramatic story centers on the fight to save the ancient redwood forests, and is loaded with historical context, interesting characters and suspense. During the research phase I lived in a town called King Salmon, in Humboldt County where the story takes place. From this base I conducted all my research: going to massive protests, interviewing loggers, lawyers, forestry personnel, Native Americans, activists, and exploring the magnificent California redwood landscape. 

     Similarly my field research for Big Mountain occurred where the story takes place on the Navajo reservation. Living there gave me a keen insight into the Navajo and Hopi cultures, the historical and contemporary issues, as well as the ability to interview people, many of whom become fictionalized characters in my book.

     On the Road to Shambala, an autobiographical novel is based on an intense personal experience I had while spending time at Zipolite Beach, Mexico. And here I learned that sometimes paradise isn't what it appears to be.

     I've also written several fables and a fairy tale for adults and children. Adults will relate to the added sophistication in terms of character development, humor and underlying themes. But I've maintained the whimsical nature of many of the classic fairy/fantasy tales so kids will be able to enjoy. 

     Other than working on book projects, of course I love the outdoor lifestyle which is so easy to do here in California. This is a far cry from my childhood roots in New York City. From the City I went to secondary school in Connecticut and then made my way out to California for college. After discovering the west coast and its awesome beauty I couldn't leave. I'm fortunate to live in an inspiring environment that feeds my passions.



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