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Working Title
On Tico Time: An American's 15 year fight for justice in Costa Rica

                                                       Expected release date 2025
The story of some poor soul, victim to the quagmire of a foreign criminal system is something you usually read about and in turn think; thank god that didn't happen to me. But in this case it did. Leave it to two scumbag Costa Rican lawyers, Steve Lopez Elizondo and Monica Lopez Solano to make my life hell, and turn a fourth of my existence on this planet into a mad pursuit of justice. As therapy to deal with the stress, anxiety, frustration and sheer anger I wrote this book which in turn is a cautionary tale.

Having completed the second draft I am facing the daunting task of editing it down from its current 721 pages to somewhere around 495 pages. I'm seeking not only editorial help but also a literary agent. The basic story is as follows:

This true first person account chronicles the author's 15 year fight for justice in the criminal courts of Costa Rica. Set in the romantic yet chaotic landscape of Costa Rica the author must straddle the barriers of  language, culture and a broken criminal system in what becomes a defining measure of his character. There is no guarantee of the outcome as he pits himself against two greedy unscrupulous lawyers that defrauded his mother and stole his inheritance. At first, a reluctant ingenue, the author gains courage and resolve as he navigates through the dystopian world of the Costa Rican criminal system. The frustrations and legal setbacks are tempered by a love afair with a beautiful latin woman that offers him unique cultural experiences. Eventually he meets his "chancleta" girl, a curious, creative and passionate woman who he falls deeply in love with. Along the way he is touched by the many "ordinary" Ticos he encounters, and new friendships formed.  In his stubborn and at times blind pursuit of justice he becomes a hopeful hero to other foreigners and Ticos defrauded by the same lawyers who always seem to escape the noose of justice.

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